Blenders and their uses

In case you are able to find any good use of your blender, you will be able to find that your old blender can still be used for a variety of purposes. Blenders can be used for a variety of purposes even after it is considered to be not suitable for use. These different uses of blenders have been discussed below

For blending soups: Blenders can be used to make soups have a texture just like velvet. Care should be taken when pouring hot and cold items into the blenders so that they are not filled more than half their length. Doing so would prevent the liquid in the blenders from overflowing. Soups both hot and cold can be mixed in blenders.

For making milkshakes: Tasty milkshakes can be made out of blenders just by mixing milk and ice cream. The milk should be added first followed by the ice cream. The milkshakes that are made using blenders are found to be very good.

For making fluffy omelettes: Blenders can be used to make omelettes that are just as fluffy as the ones that are made by the local diner. Air gets added to the egg yolks in blenders giving the omelettes made by those yolks stay fluffy.

For making smoothies: Smoothies that are rich in vitamins and minerals can be made using blenders to blend together different fruits. These smoothies are a great way to start your day.

For mixing salad dressings: Many times you may want to create a good dressing for your salad using mustard, olive oil and vinegar but these ingredients do not blend with each other easily. This is why blenders can be used to mix all of them together to come up with a delicious dressing for salads.

For crushing ice: Many times you may have to serve drinks that need crushed ice, but you have only ice cubes in hand and find crushing them to be a hard task. Blenders can rescue in such situations as they can be used to crush ice quite efficiently.

For crushing coffee beans: Having blenders at your homes help you in using them for a wide range of purposes. It has been found that they can be used to produce fine coffee powder just as the ones that are produced by a grinder.

For preparing purees: Blenders can be used to produce purees out of different fruits making it easier to prepare purees in a jiffy. One only needs to add correct amount of water to the fruits for preparing their purees. The purees can be used in sauces and also in other food items.

For grinding peppercorns: Several varieties of spices can be grinded quite efficiently using blenders. By adding a small mount of the spice like peppercorn into the blender you will be able to obtain their powders quite easily. The powdered spices are found to have a good flavour to them and thus you can buy whole spices from the markets and grind them with your blender as and when required.